Monika Mikucka

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2D Artist

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Deco Diamonds
I worked on Deco Diamonds,a video slot game created by JFTW. I made various game assets, such as the logo in Chinese version, and worked on some marketing materials as well.

Little Big Planet 3
I was an intern at The Station Interactive in Karlshamn (Sweden). I created concept art of the DLC costumes for Little Big Planet 3, and also made various marketing assets for the DLC packs.

Sniper VS Thieves
I created various concept art, 2D assets (interface), and various marketing for the app game Sniper VS Thieves.

Anthill: Ants Ain't Saints
Created character concept art pre-production of the app game Anthill: Ants Ain't Saints.

My school projects
If you would like to take a look at the games I was involved with from TGA, you can view them here.